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Veterinary Services in Magnolia, TX

Magnolia Animal Clinic provides a variety of veterinary treatments for animals. If you’re ready to see our Magnolia veterinary team, call 281-789-7407 or make an appointment today.

Pet Wellness Services

Here at Magnolia Animal Clinic, we are pleased to offer wellness services from your puppy or kitten’s first visit all the way through end-of-life care. Your pet will be evaluated annually with a nose-to-tail exam along with recommended annual services depending on your pet’s needs.

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Pet Dental Care

At-home dental care is crucial to keep the mouth healthy. Just like humans, pets also need regular professional dental cleanings and examinations to maintain good oral health.

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Pet Surgery

We offer a variety of surgical procedures for our patients, and we have your pet’s safety and comfort as a top priority.

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Pet Diagnostic Imaging

Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians employ cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to ensure that your pet’s status is precisely and confidently measured. When accidents or illnesses arise, or even as a preventative screening method, imaging serves as a very important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine, helping us obtain information about what could be going on with your pet internally.

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Pet Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory helps us obtain information about your pet’s internal health. During your visits with us, we can gain valuable information to help guide us with treatment decisions that your pet may need. We have several additional laboratory services through Antech, our outside laboratory.

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Pet Illness And Injuries

We are happy to serve our patients in times of injuries and illnesses and get them back to feeling themselves. If your pet is not feeling well, please call our office to schedule an examination with one of our doctors.

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Pet Euthanasia/Cremation

We are here for your pet in one of life’s most difficult moments. Saying goodbye to a family member is never easy. Our doctors will help assess your pet and determine the best plan to help its transition be as stress-free as possible.