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Pet Dental Care

Dental disease is the most common disease diagnosed with companion dogs and cats. By age 2, up to 80% of pets have some degree of dental disease.

Pet Dental Care

At-home dental care is crucial to keep the mouth healthy. Just like humans, pets also need regular professional dental cleanings and examinations to maintain good oral health.

Pet Dental Care

In addition to at-home dental care, regular professional dental cleanings are essential to maintaining good oral health. How often this is needed is dependent on your pet and your level of at-home care. Professional dental cleanings and examinations involve general anesthesia. This allows your pet to have a thorough oral evaluation, which includes:

  • A complete examination of your pet’s teeth, gums, and oral cavity
  • Dental radiographs to assess tooth root health (where the majority of disease hides!)
  • Scaling and polishing of teeth
  • Extraction of diseased teeth, if warranted

We offer COHAT (Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) procedures under anesthesia Mondays-Fridays. Schedule an oral health consultation with one of our doctors to determine if your pet is a candidate! For resources on approved dental care products and chews, check out the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s website at

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